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1st grading period

1st grading period activities

Maya writing center

Keenan writing center

Building our community-- construction center

Bakers making Play-Doh cookies

Community Helpers books at Library center

Trayven and Darian sorting-math center

Brayden sorting by color- math

Letter L booksSorting our Community Helpers Math Lesson

Sorting our Community Helpers Math Lesson






  • Construction center Emma, Analeigh, Ayanna
  • Writing center Karter and Caitlyn
  • Letter D craft Darian, Maya, Keenan
  • Construction center Jonathan
  • Creativity Center Lila, Adan, Ayden, Maci, Ezekiel
  • Pretend Center Nevaeh
  • Construction center Dustin and Emma
  • Puzzles Caitlyn, Darian, Maya, Keenan
  • Imagination builders Aiden, Analeigh, Josiah
  • Jonathan
  • Miranda, Nevaeh, Ayden
  • Jonathan
  • Analeigh and Josiah
  • Makayla, Keenan, Lila, Ezekiel
  • Colton, Adan, Maci
  • Writing center Dustin and Emma
  • Humpty Dumpty construction center Ezekiel
  • Maya and Darian Jack and Jill Pretend center
  • ABC center Karter and Makayla
  • Student work
  • Keenan and Aiden V Library center
  • Adan Humpty Dumpty Construction center, Lila and Maci
  • Student work
  • Humpty Dumpty Creativity center Miranda, Aiden C and Colton